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Historical Overview


The Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities (FLAH) was created under the law No. 83-86 on September 1, 1986 as the Annex of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences at the Boulevard 9 Avril, in Tunis from which the FLAH inherited the prestigious academic traditions that it has retained since its creation thanks to the dedication of its teachers.

Since then, the FLAH has been the guarantor of an academic heritage that goes beyond the story of the creation of a tertiary institution and the mere history of a single place.

Today, the FLAH is considered as a pillar of the University of la Manouba in the sense that it was the first nucleus of the new campus. Alone, it welcomes the third of the total number of students at the University of La Manouba (circa 30.000 students).

At its inception, the FLAH only trained first cycle undergraduate students in languages, namely, Arabic, French, English, German, Spanish and Italian alongside with providing training in psychology, philosophy and sociology. Subsequently, and after gaining its autonomy, the FLAH issued a master’s degree in languages, and the teaching of psychology, philosophy and sociology was replaced by two departments, one for teaching history and the other for teaching geography.

Since 2000/2001 the FLAH chose to opt for the creation of short courses conducive to a higher technician diploma in translation and international relations, applied languages and multimedia, geomantic, and applied geography, and applied languages used in international trade, as well as offering film and television techniques courses.

In 2006/2007 the FLAH started to implement the new system of university education known as "LMD" which required the generalization of fundamental Licenses in each department and their consolidation through applied Licenses endowed with a higher employability capacity.

Since its inception, the FLAH has maintained its pedagogical and scientific authenticity as it awaits the results of the implementation of the new “LMD” system in determining future Masters and PhD programs.

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